My name is Kristel.

I am a Transformational Healer & Empowerment Coach, Writer, Artist, Mentor. I am the founder of Open Heart Empire, a community of healing, wholeness, transformation, wealth and Love Alchemy.

Open Heart Empire is the product of my cumulative journey of healing after experiencing the grief and fallout of losing my partner of 19 years to suicide. Never having been an adult without him & being a Mum of 3 teens. Of being a life-long healer & teacher, learning who I am at my core, releasing the layers of what did not serve me and of stepping into the fullness of me to create a life of Wealth, Beauty, Joy & Freedom.

I am here to help you find your light & magic so that you can show up as who you truly want to be. To help you slough off the layers and be the powerful and authentic self that you are. 

We hold the keys to  our own power. 

We are the change makers

Let me show you the way



Please use the form below to contact me. I’d love to hear from you.