Hello Beauties,

My name is Kristel.

I am a Transformational Healer & Life Coach, Writer, Artist, Mentor. 

A Mumma. 

A worlds walker, love weaver, wild dreamer, fire creator, sea witch, wise woman. 

I am the founder of Open Heart Empire, a community of healing, wholeness, transformation and Love Alchemy.

Open Heart Empire is the product of my cumulative journey of healing after experiencing the grief and fallout of losing my partner of 19 years to suicide. Of never having been an adult without him. Of being a Mumma of 3 teens. Of being a life-long healer & teacher. Of Learning who I am at my core, of releasing the layers of what did not serve me and of stepping into the fullness of me to create a beautiful reality

This is me … Lover of change, words, books, vodka, chocolate, grit & Life.

I am here to help you find your light & magic so that you can show up as who you truly want to be. To help you slough off the layers and be the powerful and authentic self that you are. 

My Dream and my Vision

My vision is that we are together building and creating an empire of souls living in the realization & embodiment of our own magic.

As a Transformational Healer and Life Coach I am here to help you heal & find your way forward towards the life you want to live.

To be the bridge to Loving, Openness, Fullness & Freedom, for living in Passion & Authenticity

Within this space I provide 1:1  Personal Coaching Sessions, 1:1 Energy Healing Sessions, courses and resources to aid and assist you on your own journeys, whichever season or stage you are in.

We must trust in our own innate wisdom by recognising the gifts and resources we already embody within ourselves.

Open Heart Values

Love – is the most transformative force

Freedom – is the ultimate expression of love

We each alone have the power to heal our lives and create our future.

By doing showing up for ourselves, we show the way for others to do so. 
By placing that onus outside of ourselves we disempower ourselves. 

Radical, full responsibility for ourselves is the gateway to our own power.

We are the change makers



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