About Me & my Blog

I’ve always been fascinated by love, as far back as I can remember, I guess like most of us are, whether we admit it or not. Maybe its awe……….respectful fear? Not the fairytale kind, the real raw kind. The kind of love that lasts a lifetime, that you see in old people, the complete acceptance of each other at best, but more importantly, at worst. That carries through illness and hard times. The kind of love that picks us up when we feel at our lowest and has the capacity to catapult us to our highest.

I always believed in its existence because I could see it between people, in the strangest ways. Not in a glossy Hollywood way, the people I could see it in the strongest seemed to show it most in their most difficult times, in beautiful, gritty, take no prisoners attitudes, but also in their quiet times. The way that they would place a small touch on the shoulder or caress an arm as they walked past. The way they would sit in each others presence, with no urgency, just contentment.

I don’t recall where I first noticed it, or between whom, I just saw it and in the same way I also noticed the beauty of other people and I remain fascinated & in awe.

I was in high school when I first tried to analyse it, writing an assignment debating its existence. Of course I believed in it, but i also doubted it. My parents taught me, indirectly, that it isn’t easy, that it takes work and sometimes it just isn’t enough to make everything work out. I also learned from my best friend’s mother that it can be volatile and take many tries before we are ready, but maybe it has its own schedule & that you must be willing to take a risk, or many.

It seemed to me, that I could see it where other people could not.  I was equally fascinated when people told me they had never been in love, it broke my heart to hear it. I felt such sorrow for them and wondered how that could be?

So, I guess what this blog is about is what I have learned and continue to learn about love an relationships and the things we can do to cultivate love in our lives.

I believe in love in all areas of our lives, Wholeheartedly.