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A Pause

As we move toward the New Year there is a push to tie up loose ends. To finish things and clear out what no longer works for us. To clear the way for the fresh start of the New year.

It’s easy to do this in a physical sense, this tends to be a time when changes big changes are made. Moving houses, states; finishing contracts, jobs, school etc.  A time of completions, endings.
We may also do this energetically- emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

In recognising our desires for new beginnings, new goals, new plans, we inevitably leave somethings behind. We may be making conscious decisions about this, or we may just feel “different”.

Big emotions – Grief, Anger, sadness, depression, in the throes of, are blatant in their presence.

But when the big stuff has been shifted and you no longer identify with them, sometimes there are still things buried beneath the surface that require healing and it’s not always easier to identify them.

This is disappointment. Having been so focused on moving forward, moving upward, intending positively, healing & releasing “Big” stuff… smaller disappointments can get overlooked. The intensity of intent for the next stage, leaving behind what didn’t work can sometimes trap what hasn’t been directly acknowledged. The disappointment of knowing what didn’t work. The disappointment of it not working or coming to fruition. It doesn’t have to be a major meltdown or spiral into depths of despair. It may not have even been tied to an expectation. Perhaps it was just a hope of a possibility, even if completely remote. But it still exists and to be released must be acknowledged and accepted, with whatever accompanying emotions arise with it.

So if you have something niggling at you but aren’t sure what it is, while you are busy marking out the steps to the next stage, in the rush to assess and discard what didn’t work, take a moment to sit with what didn’t and let yourself acknowledge it fully into acceptance, before moving on.